About Us

About Us

We are convinced that all representatives of the media industry should have the widest possible selection of quality music and a modern, convenient search system. Using our library will be an exciting musical adventure for all media creators and will delight even the most sophisticated professionals. Our musical stylists will become your trusted guides and helpers on the planet Apollo.

Our history


Apollo Music was founded on October 2, 1979 and is part of a larger company – Apollo Entertainment Group.


Apollo Music becomes the first company to create a digital music search engine.


The company expands its boundaries – an office opens in Poland.


Apollo Music continues to grow and develop and enters the Russian market in 2016.


Jelena Bogdanova (Bosha) becomes a co-owner of the company, and the Apollo Music brand becomes famous in Ukraine and the CIS countries.


Jelena Bogdanova (Bosha) opens an office in Moscow.


The Russian company Apollo Music LLC becomes an independent and independent unit, and a new office opens in Estonia, which builds up cooperation with Ukraine, Georgia and the CIS countries.

In February 2021, we fulfilled our old Dream and launched our Label “MOONCHILD,” in which we collect the Best composers and performers from Russia / CIS and all other Countries.
A big step forward to global success!

In March 2021, we registered our trademark, name, and logo with the European Patent Office, making us the only copyright holder of Apollo Music’s name.